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Column: Straight from the heART

Column: Straight from the heART

Mamta Joseph had her first digital art experience at the age of 21 when she made a little sketch for her bestie in college, starting out as a hobby and then turning that into a full-time business, she made many baby steps to get Salt ‘n’ Light to where it is today. Catch a glimpse of her story in this column as she give you a sneak-peek into the journey so far…

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” Jas 4:8
If I could sum up my art story in one verse, this would be it!

The year was 2012. I had left my dream job as a sports journalist, a decision that I have never regretted and one that I could go back and make over again if I had to, and I was serving as a volunteer at the Divine Retreat Centre. There were fun things for an ‘enthu cutlet’ like me to do. I was a part of the youth ministry at the centre and worked as a producer in the in-house Television channel (Goodness TV) there. So my energies were being channeled fairly well!

My ambitious self was lying low although she didn’t die, but to be honest she had changed dramatically! During my second year at the centre, I had been going through several emotional upheavals that drew me to make a personal retreat. It was a special three days of prayer, reflection and complete silence (much to the annoyance of my roomie and my uncle- two people I was closest to at the centre!).

At the end of the retreat I found myself experiencing a new fire and a desire to translate that fire into something tangible. Every time I picked up the bible to read scripture I would see images to support or explain what I was reading… And it was so much fun! So I decided to draw something really simple. I scribbled a rough sketch of my interpretation of the David and Goliath story and this is the digitised version of what I got:

Stay tuned for more ‘Straight from the heART’ where Mamta will give you more insights into how she built her characters and productised the cartoons and later how she turned this little accidental hobby into a full-time career

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