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Over the years we have had an assortment of fun people working with us! Mostly in short-term positions but they have all had a long-term impact on who we are today! Here is a shout out to all our superhero interns! We love and miss you all!

Here are a few messages from some of our former interns:

Elizabeth Mathews, intern (2018, 2019)

I've completed two internships with Salt 'n' Light, and I can say with utmost sincerity that there is never going to be any other place where you can have so much of fun while interning! From helping the team organise 'Santa's Little Marketto prepping products for other flea markets, the amount of knowledge I acquired is beyond what I imagined. Salt 'n' Light gave me the best two months I could have asked for! The team has become my family!”

Meghna Pillai, intern (Summer of 2019)

“My first real internship! No matter where I end and up in the future, I’m not going to forget my summer with Salt ‘n’ Light. My mentor, Mamta Joseph, who is also the creative head at Salt ‘n’ Light is a Supwerwoman! She’s a kind, strong person who made sure I was always on right track by providing the right guidance.  I learned so much while working at Salt ‘n’ Light. From working on the wireframe for their website to sourcing vendors for their new product lines, I didn’t notice I was doing things out of my comfort zone which really helped grow!”

Assumpta Pinto, intern (at various points in time), boss (at all times!)

“I feel blessed to be a part of this venture. I watched it evolve from MOG to Salt ‘n’ Light and watched myself grow with it. I’m ever grateful to Mamta for allowing me to be her ‘boss intern’ and teaching me so much about how a business works. I’m so happy to see so many lives being touched by her work every day. Greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done!

Malavika John, intern, December 2018

“I had the most exciting internship with Salt ‘n’ Light. I took back lessons regarding content writing and event management that could not have been taught or experienced in a better manner. Our two month long journey to make our dream-child take shape in the form of 'Santa's Little Market' was the perfect Christmas gift for all of us!

The highlight of the internship was the fact that it never felt like work, but a group of friends working together towards something. We had our own share of fun, inside jokes, last minute struggles and tasty treats which were all worth every minute I had spent with the team.

Our happiness also doubled when the 'I am Santa' initiative received huge support. All of this makes me want December to come early again!”


To explore the possibility of working with us in the near or distant future as an intern or a freelancer send in your CVs to