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A new product showcase is always exciting! From an idea that turns into a little scribble and then into a cool design that is print-ready, each product goes on an amazing journey before it gets on our store! That process is absolutely amazing but the most exciting part is showcasing it for sale!

Although we do most of our business online, we really enjoy popping up because that’s when we can see the actual reactions of all our customers- what they smile at and what they grab with both hands…

Our pop-up on 6th July was one such occasion, and a quite exciting one. We launched several new designs and products. Pop sockets and To-do list notebooks were the stars of the show among the products. But the design that stole everyone’s hearts was the one featuring ‘Pazhampori & Chaya’ as BFFs! It was so loved that we now have it on a pop socket, a notebook, a badge and a magnet and a frame!

Our Instagram bio says that we are a warm fuzzy concept store and we try to put smiles on people’s faces. But on the day of our New Product Showcase we were the ones smiling the most thanks to all the love and support we received!