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The laughter of a child is one of the most beautiful sounds that the world has ever known! And one thing that brings immense joy to kids is doing something that they love and something that makes them happy and proud! Salt ‘n’ Light took up a very special and unique event from 29th April to 4th May 2019 in the form of a Biblical Creative Arts Camp hosted by The Anpal Centre for Creative Arts Education. Hallelu-yay as it was called was a first-of-its-kind summer camp in Cochin where the kids learnt cake art, craft, music, photography and of course digital art; all in a span of a week!

It was indeed a massive surprise and a delight to all of the organisers to see how quickly the kids took to the new art forms especially digital art and how they managed to churn out such impressive cartoon self-portraits! The comfort with which even 5-yr olds handled the iPad, apple pencil and Procreate was a huge take-away for the team!

The highlight of the Digital Art module run by Salt ‘n’ Light was the exercise on self-image. We helped the kids to look at themselves with a more positive approach and guided them to shut out voices of negativity and body-shaming even as they started to work on their self-portraits. All in all it was a fun-filled week that was as big a learning experience for us as it was for them!