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Our first ever pop-up was at a quaint little event called Fleamarket Kochi. We had just launched the brand and we couldn’t have asked for a better event to put ourselves out there! There were many first timers popping up so there were a lot of new brands to meet and get acquainted with! Our personal favourite was Thomas Art World whose stall was right opposite ours and we kept exchanging smiles and nervous excited energy flowed across our stalls even as we set out on a new journey with our respective brands.

This was a very different Christmas for us! Firstly, not spending it in Bangalore was rare and then there was the added newness of our first ever pop-up as Salt ‘n’ Light. Venturing out in a new city under a new brand name was always going to be an exciting challenge! The response was overwhelming! We loved everything that Kochi had to offer! The love, freshness and warmth of this city was addictive. And most importantly, we knew that we were here to stay!

Here is a glimpse of some of our best moments from the event!