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XOXO Valentine's Day Hamper | Beige Box

Rs. 2,500.00

Some say that there is no need for a day to express your love. Surely those who believe this would also agree that if that is the case then one shouldn’t really stop people from celebrating Valentine's Day? You should celebrate "every day" no? 😂😂😂 Here is a cute little gift for your BAE that sums up many emotions you may or may not always express... Celebrate love with him/her...

  • Personalised relationship Milestone Frame 
  • 1 Personalised red Wild Berry Scented Candle
  • 1 Love at first bite notebook
  • 1 Love themed Gift tag
  • 1 Golden box of chocolate Kisses
  • Comes in a personalisable hamper box

Once you place your order please email us with the name for your box (1 word), a name for your candle (1 word) and 7 relationship milestones with dates and/or locations for each) you can send the content to 


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